Family Business

What is the Global Family Business Institute and its Mission?

The Global Family Business Institute (GFBI) is a private not-for-profit corporation registered in Canada. The mission of the GFBI is to support and encourage the growth of entrepreneurship and family businesses globally by providing educational programs.

What is the rationale for creating the GFBI?

Over the past decade, business has changed dramatically. As a result, family workforce skills and requirements have also changed. There are family business jobs today that didn’t exist 10 years ago such as data analyst, social media manager and app developer. In five more years, there will be new roles with new requirements that don’t exist now. And while this has happened, schools at the secondary and post secondary level have not been training students in these new skills nor in skills for entrepreneurial thinking for family businesses. A specialized community education institute for family business is thus warranted.

What are the Objectives?

1. To conduct and support research on the characteristics and challenges of entrepreneurs and family businesses and thus by sharing these findings to facilitate public policy and institutional educational programs.

2. To support entrepreneurs and family businesses through the establishment of private public partnerships with local businesses, education institutions and community associations by offering educational programs.

3. To develop a relevant Global Family Business Institute “best practices guide” for entrepreneurs and family businesses by major geographic region.

4. To evaluate programs and offer advice on the betterment of these programs for business, community organizations and educational institutions.

5. To promote entrepreneurship and family businesses globally.


African Girls Empowerment Academy

The mission of the African Girls Empowerment Academy (AGEA) is to empower African girls with entrepreneurial and health care skills within their communities and inspire them to seek better life styles for themselves and their families.

Through free tutorials, discussions, exercises, guest speakers and a variety of other dynamic educational activities we will deliver unique and innovative programs dedicated to inspiring and guiding African girls from 15 to 23 years of age to create and manage their own business, connect with their selves, rebuild self-esteem and empower others.


Hewick Research Inc

Hewick Research Inc. is an international firm who specialize in market intelligence to facilitate companies to commercialize new technologies and expand into foreign markets.

Alma Mater

Alma Mater Europaea is an independent higher learning institution that specializes in the provision of career-focused post secondary education in career-deficient fields of study. Programs are located in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy.